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Why should you join Alltru Credit Union?

It seems like there’s a bank on every corner, and they’re constantly advertising for your business. A credit union is a lot like a bank – but Alltru Credit Union is better. 

What Makes Us Different |  | Alltru Credit Union
What Makes Us Different |  | Alltru Credit Union
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Alltru Members

What Makes Us Different |  | Alltru Credit Union

Alltru Member

Youre not a customer. Youre a member.

When you join Alltru Credit Union, you become a member and part owner. Along with your fellow members, you have the chance to elect our volunteer board of directors. 

You get a direct line to the top – and you can rest assured they’re looking out for your best interests.

What Makes Us Different |  | Alltru Credit Union

Alltru Member

Better, more personalized service.

It’s easy to get lost at a bank, to feel like just another set of numbers. Not so at Alltru Credit Union. The staff at your local branch will get to know you (if that’s what you want). 

Most importantly, whether you work with us in person, online or over the phone, we’ll take the time to help you get the products you need. No hard sales. We just want you to reach your goals.

What Makes Us Different |  | Alltru Credit Union

Alltru Employee

Here to help – everyone.

We believe stronger communities benefit everyone. We are proud to both take the lead and stand beside our members as we make our hometowns even better places to live, work and play. We are an official Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), meaning it is part of our primary mission to promote community development, serve low-income residents, and maintain accountability to our communities. 

What Makes Us Different |  | Alltru Credit Union

Alltru Employee

Higher-interest savings. Lower-interest loans.

Alltru Credit Union is a not for profit banking institution. So, unlike a bank, we’re not here to make money off you. We’re here to save you money. With us, you’ll earn more on your savings. 

What Makes Us Different |  | Alltru Credit Union

Free ATMs across the country.

Your money is your money, so you should be able to access it anywhere. Alltru is part of nationwide network of credit unions, giving you free access to ATMs in 30,000 locations from coast to coast.

What a difference membership can make.

Let’s Talk

We’re in your neighborhood.

We are St. Louis, through and through. We have branches throughout the metro area. Plus, as a member you’ll have free access to hundreds of local ATMs.