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How to Setup Debit Card Alerts

A hand holding an iPhone on the Alltru CU mobile app. Image is inside of a circle shape.

With real-time email and text alerts, you can easily monitor your checking account activity and stop the possibly of fraud on your debit card. These customizable alerts let you monitor your checking activities, including online purchases, pay-at-the-pump transactions, ATM withdrawals and more. And they’re available free of charge.

Set up alerts in a few simple steps:

1. Click on the Sign Up button below.

2. Next, select Register/Manage card.

Screenshot of Debit Card Alert 'Preference Selection Website' page with an orange box around the Register/Manage button

3. Enter your debit card number and click Next to complete your registration.

There’s nothing to it! It just takes a minute to set up your debit card alerts. Then you can monitor your checking account transactions whenever and wherever you go, 24/7.