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Protect your finances. Protect your identity. Protect yourself

Scams and identity theft are a harsh reality of our increasingly connected world. Knowledge is power when it comes to fraud prevention, and the more you know about the latest scams the better. You can protect yourself – but it does require always paying attention to the information you share online, on the phone and in person.

At Alltru Credit Union, we want you to be able to enjoy the benefits and convenience of online tools and resources. That means knowing how to protect your identity and your account information, whether you are at home or on the go.


Financial institutions, including Alltru Credit Union, will never send you emails or call you on the phone to request personal information. If you receive one of these calls or emails, or if you are ever unsure, please contact us right away.

The only exception to this is to verify your identity when you call us directly.

How to protect yourself.

Here are some tips to protect your identity, online and off:

  • Use only trusted websites and apps for online transactions. Do not provide credit card numbers or personal information on any website if you are not sure the site is authentic.
  • Do not follow links from unsolicited, unexpected or threatening emails. Visit the company’s website directly through your browser to confirm the information before you proceed.
  • Stay up to date with your credit report. Under a federal law called the FACT act, you are entitled to one free credit report each year.
  • Protect your Social Security number. Do not enter it on websites you do not trust, and never carry it in your wallet. If your insurance providers use the number as identification, ask them to change it – they have to comply.
  • Shred bills and other papers you receive at home that have any identifying information on them.

How to detect and correct fraud.

Even if you do everything right, fraud and identity theft can still occur. The key is spotting it early and taking action. As always, Alltru is here to help if you need us.

Here are some signs to watch out for:

  • Charges you do not recognize on your credit card statements
  • Bills that do not arrive as expected
  • Credit inquiries on your report you did not initiate
  • Calls or letters about purchases you did not make

Here’s what to do if you spot a problem:

  • Call Alltru Member Services at (636) 916-8300 for help
  • Close any accounts that may have been subject to fraud
  • Keep detailed records of any evidence and all calls you make or emails you send about the incident
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