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A cost-free solution to empower your team.

We know how hard it can be to invest directly in financial wellness for your team. It takes time, effort, and hard-earned company revenue to provide any wellness program, let alone one that is about an area that most of your team is probably embarrassed to talk about. That’s why we offer our financial wellness program—no strings attached—absolutely free. If your employees want to open an account with us, they can make that decision independent of all of the benefits that we’re offering you, their employer.

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Alltru has the financial wellness tools your organization needs to help your employees. You’ll improve employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention with the following employee wellness tools and resources.

Employee stress costs an organization with 1,000 employees more than $5 Million per year. Source: Pension Consultants Inc. Report
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Of employees indicate that issues with personal finances have been a distraction at work.1

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of those who reported that they are distracted at work, spend 3+ hours at work each week on money issues.1

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Discover a valuable partnership.

Alltru Credit Union is on your side with our employer benefit services. We offer a range of free financial services – including benefits you can pass on to your employees. Talk to our team about Salary Advance Loans, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), financial education, and more.

To get the latest research on financial stability and how it effects the workplace, download our free e-book Financial Stability: More than a Paycheck.

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We are St. Louis, through and through. We have branches throughout the metro area. Plus, as a member you’ll have free access to hundreds of local ATMs.