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We are thrilled to share with you, our owners, the Alltru Credit Union 2023 Community Impact Report.

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You are an owner.

Alltru is proud to be a CDFI.

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What does CDFI mean?

Alltru Credit Union proudly holds the certification of being a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). This underscores our commitment to assisting individuals in realizing their financial aspirations by offering accessible financial tools to the communities of St. Louis that we proudly serve. Our approach to this mission encompasses various strategies:

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Strong partnerships with effective nonprofits and government programming

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Certified financial counseling to people experiencing low-income and credit challenges

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Providing access to affordable banking and lending products

Numerous neighborhoods across St. Louis find themselves without convenient access to bank or credit union branches. In our dedication to establishing a presence in these underserved communities, Alltru has forged partnerships with local nonprofit organizations and programs. This collaboration ensures that financial stability becomes a tangible possibility for all.

Alltru Financial Empowerment Coordinators Kenneth and Stephanie, pictured smiling in front of the St. Louis Arch with Alltru shirts. Photo is inside of a circle shape.

Kenneth & Stephanie
Financial Empowerment Coordinators

It brings us immense pride to collaborate with the Office of Financial Empowerment and Justine PETERSEN, who graciously open their doors for Alltru to assist their clients. Together, we engage in a collaborative effort to deliver comprehensive financial capabilities programming. Our dedicated Financial Empowerment Coordinators operate within their premises, ensuring that clients receive valuable services seamlessly.


Nonprofit Clients Added as New Members


Nonprofit Clients Given Free 1-on-1 Counseling


Loans Deployed to Nonprofit Clients

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College Kids Program.

Since 2014, Alltru has opened over 23,000 savings accounts for incoming Kindergarteners in the City of St. Louis in partnership with the College Kids Program.

In 2023, College Kids families increased their college savings balances by $58,817 to a total of $414,587, set aside only for college or trade school at the time of high school graduation.

This program is shifting the conversation of higher education all over the city of St. Louis. We are so proud to support this program and the families served by the College Kids office.

We are actively disrupting this cycle by facilitating access to those who need it most. In our capacity as a certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), Alltru remains steadfast in its commitment to eliminating barriers of accessibility for every community and household in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, and St. Charles County. We firmly believe everyone deserves a secure means to bank and borrow money irrespective of socio-economic status. Alltru diligently endeavors to construct bridges toward financial stability for all.

2023 Low-Income Products Deployed

Furthermore, in 2023 alone, we extended $37,001,908 in loans to individuals with
credit scores of 660 and lower, amplifying our impact on the community.

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Image of Alltru employees smiling at a KidSmart volunteer event. Photo is inside of a circle shape.


Every Alltru employee is granted 8 hours per month of paid volunteer time, empowering us to actively contribute to our communities by volunteering with local nonprofits. While we provide small-dollar grants and support our partners through programming, we also believe in being hands-on. We encourage all our employees to participate in the cooperative’s success and contribute to their community’s well-being.



In 2023, Alltru employees spent 446 hours volunteering at local nonprofits

Image of Alltru employees packing teacher bags at a KidSmart volunteer event. Photo is inside of a circle shape.
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All these efforts aren’t driven by high profitability but by recognizing their necessity and the inherent rightness. It’s about investing our time and energy in the right way.

We express gratitude to you for being an owner of Alltru Credit Union and for investing in tangible change for our communities.

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