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How to Verify Insurance for a Loan

One of the requirements with your auto or property loan with Alltru Credit Union is to maintain physical damage insurance for the full term of your loan. You may have received a letter from Alltru requesting a current copy of your insurance, showing Alltru Credit Union as the lienholder on your insurance policy. If you have not already responded or asked your agent to respond to us, you can submit your insurance information by mail, fax or online.

Submit Proof of Insurance Online

Visit the secure Insurance Verification site.

Submit Proof of Insurance by Mail or Fax

Insurance Service Center
P.O. Box 1549
Snellville, GA  30078
Fax: 866-266-7898

Frequently Asked Questions

As one of the conditions of granting your loan, you are required to maintain coverage protecting our interest until your loan is paid in full. You will find this requirement in your Loan Agreement. By giving your insurance agent our name and address as Loss Payee/Lienholder/Lender, we will generally receive a copy of any change to your coverage.

A letter was likely sent to you because we did not receive a copy of your policy/renewal/reinstatement from your insurance agent or company. We are asking for your help to show us that you are meeting this requirement. If you have insurance with the required coverage, naming us as Loss Payee/Lienholder/Lender, please go to our Insurance Information form and provide us with your insurance information.

Since maintaining insurance coverage on your vehicle or real estate collateral is a condition of your loan with us, you should contact the insurance agency or company of your choice and purchase coverage naming us as the Loss Payee/Lienholder/Lender. For vehicles, Comprehensive and Collision coverage is required, you will find our name and address in the top left corner of the letter we sent to you.

We will do it for you. If you do not buy your own insurance, we may buy insurance to protect our collateral. The insurance we buy will generally be much more expensive than what you can buy yourself. The loan agreement that you signed with us allows us to add the premium for this insurance to your loan and increase your payments to cover the cost. The insurance we purchase will primarily cover our interest in your collateral. It will not offer you the protection you can get when you buy your own insurance. The insurance we purchase will not provide liability coverage, which the state requires you to maintain for vehicles. We strongly urge you to purchase your own insurance.

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