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Attention: Please beware of scammers impersonating Alltru with phone calls and text messages claiming to be from our Fraud Department. If you have received these messages, please do NOT give out any information about your account, reply to any suspicious text messages, or click any links. We will never call you and then ask you for your personal information over the phone. If you think you’ve been affected by fraud, contact us immediately.

TailorMade Checking

If all requirements are not met, member benefits are not valid for the qualifying period and rewards are not earned for that period. Limit of one TailorMade account per member/SS#.

In order to earn the rewards chosen on your account, for each qualifying period you must:

  • have at least one ACH credit or debit post to your TailorMade checking account;
  • consent to receive your statements electronically;
  • and maintain an average daily balance of deposit accounts and/or total loan balances (excluding mortgages) that equals or exceeds $5,000 when combined.

CD rate bonus is not available on IRA CDs. CD rate bonus applies to all CDs on your account. If chosen as a reward bonus dividend on CD rates will post to your TailorMade account at the end of each qualifying month. Loan rate rebates apply only to loans with an APR of 3.00% and higher. Auto (collateral) loans require the property to be owned by the account holder to receive the loan discount.

Loan rate rebate does not apply to mortgage loans. If chosen as a reward, loan rebates will be posted to your TailorMade Checking account at the end of each qualifying period. If chosen as a reward, 0.15% APY (Annual Percentage Yield) interest will be paid on balances between $0 – $19,999 at the end of the qualifying period. 0.60% APY interest will be paid on balances over $20,000 at the end of the qualifying period.

Rates are subject to change at any time. Available on personal accounts only. If chosen as a reward, ATM fees refunded up to $25 per cycle when account requirements are met. If chosen as a reward, the $.05 rebate on debit card transactions is limited to $50 each qualification period. Skip A Pay is offered only to qualifying members and fees may only be reimbursed once per year.

This account is subject to a variable rate. Although a minimum balance is required to earn rewards, there is no minimum balance required to open the account. No transaction limitations apply to this account. Each qualifying period will begin on the first day of each calendar month and will end on the last day of the calendar month. If the account is closed before the end of the qualifying period, no rewards will be paid.

Fees may reduce earnings.