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7 Home Energy Efficiency Tips

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Energy proofing your home can cut annual utility bills in half. Find out how to monitor and reduce heating and cooling costs, how to reduce energy costs when using larger appliances and how landscaping can reduce utility bills. Plus get simple tips for saving energy and money every day. Here are some home energy efficiency tips to help you start saving money today!

  • Tip 1: Start a Compost Pile. A compost pile gives you a place to transform your organic waste into fertilizer for your garden. By tossing fruit and vegetable waste into the compost bin, you end up with nutrient-rich food for your lawn or garden in the spring, all while using less trash every day.
  • Tip 2: Use LED. If you have incandescent or CFL bulbs, consider switching to LEDs. LEDs use less energy than both of the other options, and also have the longest lifespan of any bulb on the market today. Less waste and less energy use adds up to big energy and cost savings.
  • Tip 3: Change the Thermostat Setting. In the summer, set your thermostat to around 78 degrees. In the winter, change it to 68 degrees. Use your clothes to adjust for the changing seasons. In addition, use a programmable thermostat to change the temperature even more when you’re sleeping or at work for the day.
  • Tip 4: Unplug and Turn it Off. When your electronics are plugged in, electricity still flows from the wall outlet through the cord and to the electronic device. This process causes some energy loss. In fact, as much as ¾ of the energy passing through the power cord is lost. When you’re done with the computer, turn it off. Only turn on these types of electronics when you’re going to use them.
  • Tip 5: Replace the Filter. Replace your HVAC filter regularly. If it’s dirty, your system will run longer and work harder than it should.
  • Tip 6: Plant Some Trees. Trees planted around your home’s perimeter can lessen heat gain from the sun, which in turn can make your home easier to heat and cool.
  • Tip 7: Install Motion Sensor Lights. Motion sensors on light switches can ensure they are turned off when no one is in the room. If you have forgetful family members, this small change can make a big difference on your energy costs.

Homeowners who take the initiative to make these changes usually discover that the energy savings are more than worth the effort. If you’re ready to take on a project to make your house more energy efficient we’d love to help you with a Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit.

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