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Meet our CEO Michelle

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Effective April 1, 2022, CEO Carol Minges will be retiring and Michelle Rosner, current Chief Lending Officer, will be the new CEO of Alltru Credit Union. For more information on the CEO transition and succession plan, please read our full announcement.

What better way to get to know Michelle than an old-fashioned Q&A? Keep reading to learn Michelle’s history at Alltru including her start at the CU and her aspirations for the future.

Michelle Rosner, CEO of Alltru Credit Union

What are three words you would use to describe yourself?

I think if I were to ask my teammates to describe me, they’d probably say that I’m compassionate, enthusiastic, and driven.  Of course, they might also say I’m cheesy and that I know how to wake up a crowd.

What has kept you at Alltru for so long?

I have been at Alltru in varying positions since 1997. I’d say there are many reasons I have loved this institution so much, but the biggest is seeing the direct impact of our work in people’s lives. I’ve seen our members experience everything that life offers, and I still hold a massive amount of enthusiasm for what kind of effect our institution can have as we walk with them. We get to hear their stories and we get to help them make huge decisions. I do not take any of it lightly and I am honored to take the calls of our members who are struggling, and I am grateful to celebrate with them on the wins. I can’t imagine going anywhere else and missing out on the opportunity to do both.

What is your vision for the future of Alltru?

I have a shared vision that we will continue to transform people’s lives by providing highly accessible banking and lending services. When we look at St. Louis and St. Charles communities, we understand that many people have been intentionally excluded from the banking industry. And now they are being courted by unregulated financial apps and new technology that doesn’t offer counseling or affordable borrowing opportunities. Our vision is that we would be uniquely accessible in all communities and that our members continue to genuinely love banking with us. We currently only have a very tiny share of the market, but we are ready and excited to grow and do more for St. Louis.

Quote from CEO Michelle Rosner, Alltru Credit Union

What does being CEO mean to you?

I have held several leadership positions within Alltru, but as CEO I feel the increased weight of being responsible for inspiring and challenging all of our employees to help spread awareness, so more people know why credit unions are good for the consumer. On the surface, credit unions appear similar to banks and financial technology applications. However, it’s the not-for-profit, cooperative infrastructure that makes us entirely different.

Our Board of Directors are volunteers and are men and women who live and work in St. Louis and St. Charles communities. They make no income from the decisions they make for the people who bank here. Every person in this organization has the privilege of making ethical decisions every day, without hesitation. My job is to make sure we never forget what a privilege that is, and that we are excited to tell everyone we can about how banking with a credit union – like Alltru – has the power to change a community for the better.

Who do you look up to?

You may never meet a bigger fan of Walt Disney. He has been a huge inspiration for me as he overcame so many obstacles and had the tenacity to keep trying while other’s stole his ideas and pushed him to the edge of losing everything. His creativity and excitement for inspiring and creating magical moments is something I look up to and try to emulate in my personal and professional life. We should all be looking for every opportunity to believe in what could be, and in what should be, and not be afraid to keep going when the hurdles seem too big to overcome.

Favorite place to travel?

I believe strongly in taking time off and resetting. At least annually, you will find me somewhere with a beach and an ocean. This is where I find my center and often have the most creative ideas. It’s not uncommon at all for me to be texting and emailing new ideas from my beach chair!

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What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

When not at work, I’m investing in the most important priority of my life, enjoying my family. I was born into a loud St. Louis Italian family. For me, there is nothing more important than making sure my people know they are loved and that they have a safe place to come home to.

What is one interesting thing people may not know about you?

Well I’m someone that loves to connect with others, so there isn’t much about me that everyone doesn’t know! However, I would say that people may not know that we have three beloved Norwegian Elkhounds and we help with Elkhound rescue.

Michelle Rosner's Norwegian Elkhounds: Maui, Daisy, and Boo Boo
Maui, Daisy, and Boo Boo

I mean, how could we not include a picture?

Michelle's signature

Michelle Rosner

Current Chief Lending Officer & Incoming CEO

Alltru sure has a bright future with Michelle leading the way. We’re excited for what’s to come!