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How to Locate my Nearest ATM

Our vast ATM network allows you to conveniently access your funds when you need them most.

With nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs, you can locate an ATM virtually anywhere near you in our nationwide network.

To locate your nearest ATM, text a ZIP Code to 91989, visit our website, or login into online banking.


Save the number 91989 to your phone as ‘Local Branch/ATM’. When you are out and need cash, simply text your zip code to that number and we’ll instantly send you a list of free ATMs and Shared Branch locations near you.

Our Website:

Simply input your location and select CO-OP ATMs or Deposit Taking ATMs.

Online Banking:

To find your nearest ATM via your online banking dashboard, go to More and then select ATM Locator.

Did you Know?

Along with ATMs, did you know that Alltru is part of a nationwide network of over 5,000 shared branch locations? This means you can walk into select banks and credit unions and complete any transactions that you would normally do in an Alltru branch.

Look for CO-OP Shared Branch when you’re on the map to find a location nearest you. Branch hours are listed for your convenience.

Whether you’re on the east coast or west coast, or anywhere in between, you can use any of our shared ATMs or branches for free, just like your home branch down the street. Look for the CO-OP symbol.