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How to Report my Card as Lost or Stolen

Life happens, and we’re here to make it as stress-free as possible if your card becomes lost or stolen.

It’s easy to panic whenever you lose your credit or debit card. Fortunately, you can temporarily block and unblock your cards 24/7 for no fee so that you have peace of mind in case your card is lost or stolen. Once you card is blocked it cannot be used, but if the card is found it can be unblocked and used again.

Using our card management services, you can also submit travel notices to the credit union and quickly replace your lost, stolen, or damaged cards. If your card is reported as lost or stolen, the current card will be blocked and a replacement card with a new number will be issued. If reported as damaged, the card will remain active and you will receive a new card with the same number.

Note: There is a $10 card replacement fee issued for any new card.

To Report Your Card
You can report your card as lost or stolen from your computer or mobile device (see below), at any of our branches, using video banking, or by calling us at 636-916-8300.

Online Banking Instructions:

Step 1: Log into your online banking account.

Step 2: Once in the dashboard, hover over the Accounts menu at the top and select Card Management.

Online banking screenshot of Dashboard page with an orange box highlighting the Card Management tool under the Accounts menu

Step 3 (optional): If you haven’t registered your card, it will ask first time users to do so. Register your card by entering in your card information and following the on-screen instructions.

Step 4: From here, you can quickly block a card by moving the slider labeled Block this card on/off. For more options, hover over the desired card and select Manage card.

Online banking screenshot of card management page with an orange box around Block this card slider and around Manage card button

Step 5: You can now select from the options to temporarily block or unblock your card, submit a travel notice, or replace your card.

Online banking screenshot of card management page with an orange box around Block/Unblock Card option and around Replacement Options

Mobile Banking App Instructions:

Step 1: Log into your account on the Alltru CU app.

Step 2: Select More from the menu at the bottom of the screen.

Mobile Banking screenshot showing the bottom menu with an orange box highlighting the More option

Step 3: Under the Accounts drop down menu, select Card Management.

Mobile banking screenshot of More options with an orange box around the Card Management widget