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How to Set Up Automatic Transfers

Automatic transfers allow you to set up recurring payments to another Alltru account, an external account, or even to another Alltru member.

With online banking, Automatic transfers allow you to set up recurring transfers from one account to another account. Because the transfers are automated, after you set them up it requires no additional effort on your end. Choose from a variety of frequency options including daily, weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly, and end of month. This free service is a great way to automate paying off your credit card or budget for your important financial goals without having to think about it. Also, automatic transfers could be used to set some money aside each time your paycheck deposits into your bank account – just automate the transfer and watch your savings grow! If you’re planning on saving for a specific goal, check out our Online Savings Tool.

Keep in mind you can always edit a scheduled transfer series or delete the series in its entirety.

External Transfer (accounts outside of Alltru) limits are:

  • Daily – $5,000
  • Weekly – $10,000
  • Monthly – $40,000

To set up an automatic transfer:

Step 1: Log into your online banking account.

Step 2: Once in dashboard, select the widget labeled Transfers from the options on the left-hand side.

Step 3: Go to the Classic Tab.

Step 4: Next, you’ll need to choose the following:

  • Select the Account to transfer funds from
  • Select the Account to deposit the funds into
  • Amount
  • Start Date
  • Frequency
  • Ending (continuous, choose an end date, or end after a number of occurrences)
REMEMBER: You can edit or cancel the automatic transfer series at any time.

Step 5: Once all information is filled out, hit Submit Transfer. You’ll be asked to confirm your prior selections and correct any errors. Once this is verified, you can choose to do another transfer or view your transfer activity.