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How to Set Up a Savings Goal

When it comes to saving and budgeting, it can get complicated very fast. You can conveniently set, track, and manage your financial goals online with our savings goal tool.
Savings goal pages shown on online and mobile banking

Accessible through online banking, savings goals allow you to save up for life’s most important events without the added financial stress. Become the boss of your finances by allocating funds for your personalized financial goals. Multiple goals can be setup per account – let’s say you are saving up for a car and for an upcoming vacation. No problem! Whatever your goals may be, we have the tools to support you in your financial journey.

Orange icon of a calendar with a dollar sign on the bottom right to represent the end of the month

In this article, we will go over how to set up a savings goal online as well as how to add funds to your goal. Although goals need to be set up online, you can manage and track their progress on the Alltru CU app.

To set up a savings goal:

Step 1: Log into your online banking account.

Step 2: Once in the dashboard, select Financial Planning from the menu at the top.

Online banking screenshot with orange box highlighting the Financial Planning option from the top menu

Step 3: Select the Savings Goals tab.

Online banking screenshot of Financial Wellness page with an orange box highlighting Savings Goal tab

Step 4: Click the Create a savings goal button.

Online banking screenshot of Savings Goals page with an orange box around Create a Savings Goal button

Step 5: Select the savings account you would like to use for this goal. If you have more than one savings account they will all be listed here for you to choose from. Then, click Next.

Savings goal screenshot with Primary Savings account selected from list of Savings Accounts

Step 6: Choose a category for your savings goal and select Next.

Savings goal screenshot with list of savings categories

Step 7: Add details to your savings goal.

  • Begin by Naming the goal.
  • Next, enter the amount of money you’ll need to save in order to reach your goal in Goal Amount.
  • In Target Date, enter the end date that you wish to complete your goal (optional).
Savings goal screenshot showing title of goal, goal amount, and target date (optional)

Based on the target date, the system will generate the average amount needed monthly to reach your specific goal. Finally, select Create Goal.

Savings goal screenshot with orange box highlighting the weekly and monthly saving goal amounts and highlighting the Create Goal button

Your completed Savings Goal will look like this:

Savings goal screenshot showing the completed savings goal underneath the Financial Wellness widget

How to Add Funds to Your Savings Goal:

At this point you should have created your savings goal(s). To successfully save for your goal, you’ll need to allocate funds towards it. First, This can be done in 3 different ways:

  1. Deposit funds directly from the account linked to the savings goal.
  2. Transfer funds from a different account to the account linked to the goal.
  3. Reallocate funds from a different goal.
Savings goal screenshot demonstrating how to add money from another account to savings goal

To choose any of these options, click on the Add Money button at the bottom of your savings goal.

Savings goal screenshot showing how to add money to a goal with an orange box highlighting the Add Money button

Now that your goal is all set, happy saving! You can manage your goals and track their progress via online banking or by using the Alltru CU App.

Whether your goal is small, big, long, or short-term we want to help you get there. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have or call us at (636) 916-8300.